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Rotator Cuff Repair Vs. Shoulder Replacement

Dr. Jared Mahylis, orthopedic surgeon at Henry Ford Health System, discusses how rotator cuff surgery differs from shoudler replacement.

After Nine Years And Many Surgeries, Patient Finally Finds Relief at Franciscan Health

Ullasue Thompson fractured her arm in 2009. Nine years and multiple surgeries later, the bone still wasn’t healed. "I couldn’t use my left arm, not even to hold a plastic spoon," Thompson said. "Any movement brought pain. I lived on ibuprofen."

Dr. Mahylis explained what could go wrong, which I liked because some doctors say all will be fine

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Free Informative Video 3D Mapping for Joint Replacement

Are you among the growing number of people experiencing debilitating shoulder pain? If non-surgical treatments, such as therapy, injections and medication, fail to bring relief, you may be a candidate for shoulder joint replacement.

Visit to see a video with Dr. Jared Mahylis about 3D Mapping for Shoulder Joint Replacement. This new technology helps surgeons more accurately position shoulder replacements. That means more effective recovery and enduring relief for shoulder joint replacement patients.

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FREE Shoulder, Elbow & Hand Pain Seminar - Thurs., March 15 - 6:00pm Treating the Top 10 Shoulder, Elbow and Hand Conditions

Presented by Dr. Jared Mahylis. Many people mistakenly believe that their chronic shoulder, elbow and hand pain is just part of life. But you can make chronic joint pain a thing of the past. Learn about the most advanced treatments, including breakthroughs in joint replacement technologies and techniques, at this free seminar.

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Auditorium - 20201 S. Crawford Ave., Olympia Fields